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Khalil Sydney

Metal Roofing Bankstown

About us

Have you ever had that sinking feeling of paying ridiculous costs for roofing, only for more problems to happen?

Before you know it, you’ve blown a hole in your wallet by continually spending money on something that should have been a set-and-forget scenario…

You should never have to feel that way.

With Khalil Sydney Metal Roofing, your roofing problems will be patched up in no time.

Whether it’s metal roofing, roofing repairs, roof insulation or any other related service, Khalil and his team are your first port of call.

Servicing all suburbs of Sydney, there isn’t a roof that Khalil hasn’t seen before or can’t fix.

If you’re stressed about the quality of workmanship, there’s no need to worry – Khalil’s business is backed by a team that boasts more than 40 years of experience.

So, if you’re looking for a solution to your roofing needs, contact the team today.


Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has slowly become an increasingly popular type of roofing. Whether it’s because of its resistance to corrosion, or the fact that it works beautifully as a commercial or residential solution, metal roofing is a service that you need to know about.

Much like our business name suggests, metal roofing is one of the services we specialise in.

But what makes metal roofing such an attractive solution? Some say it’s because of how simple the installation and fixation can be. Others say that it’s the budget-friendly nature of it, as there are always options to suit every homeowner’s needs and wants.

Metal roofing offers designs that are sleek, modern and aesthetically pleasing. You’ll look up at your roof every day and marvel at how beautiful it looks. How would you feel if you could show off to the rest of the neighbourhood how great your metal roofing is?

Get in touch with Khalil Sydney Metal Roofing today to learn more.

Other services

No matter what your roofing desires are, we’ll have a service to match it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, yes they can! Most metal roofs already contain a large portion of recycled steel, meaning that they can be a circular product in terms of recycling and reusing. It’s a win-win.

 Good question! Roof insulation can often come in the form of either glasswool or rockwool insulation, and they’re both popular due to the fact that they are good insulators as well as being non-combustible. They also last a long time too.

Pergolas don’t necessarily have roofs, as a key aspect of them is that they are open to the elements. However, there is definitely room to put your style on a pergola with a covering on the top of it to protect yourself from the elements!

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Roof Repairs

Every home needs a solid roof, and you simply can’t afford to have a broken roof. That’s why you need to ensure that if there’s any issue with your roof, it gets repaired immediately.

Roof Insulation

When winter rolls around, you want your property to keep the heat. That’s where roof insulation comes into play. Not only does it help to save heat, but it also helps to save on your electricity bill.


You can’t have summertime without a gorgeous pergola. It creates a beautiful, open atmosphere to entertain people and keep you safe from the elements. Khalil and his team will ensure you get the perfect pergolas for your property that will have all of your guests raving about it.


Fencing is critical to ensuring your property has privacy. Whether it’s fencing around the backyard or around a pool to keep your family and your guests safe, ensure that you have it taken care of by the best in the business.


The final piece of the puzzle in your home is having safe, secure and easy-on-the-eye balustrading.